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How To Enhance Your Game Day Experience

How To Enhance Your Game Day Experience

With the NFL season fast approaching, it’s time to get your home ready with some of the latest equipment available to improve your gameday experience. If you’re looking to be the envy of your friends and neighbors, it’s important that you invest in the latest and greatest audio visual equipment.  If you enjoy being the host of the party, you want to ensure that your guests have a great time. Technology has improved the gameday experience dramatically, especially over the last few years.  From upgrades to televisions, surround sound, home automation and furniture, there are many ways you can guarantee your home becomes the place to be for premier sporting events.  

Visual: Sony 4k TV’s and Projectors

While both LG and Samsung have some excellent displays to offer, Sony is proving to be the industry leader.  With the advent of 4k technology, Sony has taken the gameday experience to a new level.  As more providers have begun to offer 4k programming, sporting events have taken on a truly life like appearance.  Sony’s 4k televisions and projectors have received nothing but great reviews, with customers stating the clarity and crispness actually provide a better experience than actually being at the game.  With 4k projectors also available, Sony has made bringing game to your home easier than ever. 1080p televisions were revolutionary when they first hit the market, however, in the same way Blu-ray outshines DVD, 4k televisions are making their 1080p counterparts appear outdated.

Home Automation: Control 4

Home automation is rapidly becoming a reality and has been installed in homes all over the world.  Control 4 offers the latest in home automation controls and has the ability to communicate with hundreds of different devices.  With wireless capabilities and the ability to control multiple televisions from one source, it has cut a significant amount of the unsightly wiring that used to clutter up our homes.  Home automation lovers also tend to want the latest television products.  With 4k televisions offering the highest quality on the market, this is where high end consumers have turned.  To keep up with this growing movement, Control4 created a new line of 4K Ultra HD multi-room video solutions including audio and video matrix switches. With the LU1082 4K AV switch, you can easily and quickly distribute content to any room in your home from 10 different sources.

Surround Sound: Marantz Receivers and Totem Speakers

Marantz offers a sound quality first product in addition to being one of the most reliable AV receivers available on the market today.  Not only are they reliable, they also provide sharp and clear sound to ensure your guests get a true gameday experience.  There are several different versions of the Marantz receiver so you’ll have some options to choose the best fit for your home.  A quality receiver can only go so far without the addition of world class speakers.  Totem offers speakers that can take your surround sound system to an unbelievable of level of detail.  The bass, tonality and clarity of these speakers are unmatched in the industry today.  There are several different types to choose from including in-wall speakers and with their solid build, they’re perfect to use in a party setting.

Furniture: Salamander

NFL games can last up to 4 hours and sometimes longer, so having quality furniture to keep your guests comfortable is essential.  Salamander develops furniture that is made by AV people as AV gear.  They are created to allow for air flow in order to keep your guests cool and comfortable.  These features also allow for better acoustics so that your furniture doesn’t negate the investments you’ve made in your sound system.  Salamander offers a variety of different styles to fit any décor, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

 Providers and Installers: AV Specialists

AV Specialists, in business since 1995, has a dedicated staff of salespeople and installers that truly care about their customers, you can ensure that you receive the products and service you are expecting.  Contact AV Specialists today to see how you can transform your gameday experience into something your friends and neighbors and you will never want to miss.