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Gift Guide: High-End Speakers for the Audiophile in Your Life

Elevate the Audio in Your Belleair Home

Gift Guide: High-End Speakers for the Audiophile in Your Life

Music is an integral part of our lives, and there’s never been a better time to be an audio enthusiast. Whether you’re an active member of the vinyl revival or taking advantage of millions of songs on loss-less streaming services like Tidal, you have a wide variety of ways to listen to music, and technology is evolving to deliver high-fidelity audio without requiring an unwieldy array of components.


With the holidays rapidly approaching, we’ve assembled a gift guide of the hottest high-end speakers for the audiophiles in your life. Excite the college student in your house with a sound bar that will dramatically enhance the sound quality in their dorm room. Treat yourself by having Santa leave you that perfect integrated amplifier.


Keep reading to learn more about these high-end speakers, and no one will judge you if you want to get one as a gift and one for your Belleair home.

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Paradigm DefianceX Subwoofers ($999-$1,499)

Paradigm’s DefianceX line of subwoofers for small, medium, and large spaces give you resonant bass that significantly deepens your listening experience. Heavy-duty, internally-braced cabinets deliver massive output along with intense detail, precise control, and astonishingly low distortion.


To deliver the best sound quality for your unique space, Paradigm’s DefianceX subwoofers feature Anthem Room Correction (ARC), technology developed in conjunction with research done on how to achieve audio-lab sound in any environment. The dimensions of a room can have a detrimental impact on your sound system, but ARC takes the room out of the equation to deliver the best possible audio for all listening positions.


By moving a microphone to key listening positions throughout the room, you allow ARC to gather data that it then uses to adjust the subwoofer’s in-room response at each frequency. This smooths out peaks and valleys, getting the sound as close as possible to the ideal frequency. It gives your booming, beautifully balanced bass that will have you feeling your music in new ways.


Yamaha MusicCast 50 ($499)

Wireless speakers have become one of the go-to gift ideas for the holidays, but when it comes to sound quality, the majority of these products underperform compared to their wired counterparts. Enter Yamaha, who use decades of audio expertise to create a wireless speaker that gives users all the connectivity benefits plus high-fidelity audio. The MusicCast 50 is the big brother of the MusicCast 20 ($229), with added power to fill larger spaces with sound. Devices can connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect, and the speaker integrates simply with a home control system so you can access it from anywhere in the house.


Sonos Beam ($399)

Sonos Beam is the most affordable item in our gift guide, and it’s perfect for smaller spaces like dorm rooms and apartments that don’t need comprehensive sound systems for high-performance audio. This smart soundbar delivers rich wall-to-wall audio, but it also plays music, TV, and movies from streaming services, has Amazon Alexa voice control, and is Airplay compatible so people can play media directly from iOS devices. Like all Sonos products, the Beam has a sleek design that blends into any home environment, and integrates with home technology just as smoothly.


Want to learn about more audiophile gift ideas for your Belleair friends and family? Reach out to one of our experts at (727) 441-9292 or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.