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Enhance Your Home with Smart Lighting Control

Set the Perfect Mood for Your Clearwater Home with LED Lights

Enhance Your Home with Smart Lighting Control

The lighting in your home plays a huge part in the aesthetic of each room, and it’s become easier than ever to make your lighting an active design element thanks to smart home automation. Lighting control allows you to change the atmosphere with the push of a button, and smart LED bulbs open up the entire spectrum of color to illuminate your space.

These features beautify your home, and they also help you save money and minimize your carbon footprint by cutting down on energy consumption. Keep reading to learn about the various benefits of a lighting control system for your Clearwater home. 


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Set the Scene Immediately

One of the most convenient features of a lighting control system is the ability to set custom scenes for both your entire home and individual spaces, automatically adjusting multiple lights to suit the specific occasion. In your living room, you can have a scene for reading, a scene for watching a movie, and a scene for entertaining, with each one changing the brightness, temperature, and even direction of all the lights simultaneously. 

Color has been added to the mix thanks to LED light bulbs, and it's a lot of fun experimenting with how different colors change the feel of an area. This is great for children’s room as the lighting becomes a way for them to express themselves through their environment. Energize your parties with a vibrant color palette, and create a more dynamic setting by having the lights in a room change colors when they are occupied, so guests are greeted by a new palette when they step into an empty room.

You’ve put a lot of work into the interior design of your home, and smart lighting allows you to showcase the most notable elements of your décor. Set a lighting scene that accentuates furniture, or draws the eye to pieces of art hanging on the walls.


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One-Touch Control

A smart lighting system allows you to control all these different options from a single interface accessed on a customized touchscreen remote or your personal smartphone or tablet. With voice control, you don’t even need to access an app to change your lighting scene. Turn on the kitchen lights with your voice when you have your hands full of groceries, and when the cooking is all done, you can dim the kitchen while brightening the dining room.


Save Energy

The more control you have over your lights, the more control you have over your home’s energy consumption. Your lights use a lot of electricity, but being able to dim them simultaneously and shut them off from anywhere with an Internet connection makes it easy to regulate that usage. Ambient light sensors automatically adjust the brightness of your lights, so your bulbs aren’t at full power when the sun is shining, and occupancy sensors shut off lights in vacant rooms.


Want to learn more about how a lighting control system can enrich your Clearwater home? Reach out to one of our experts at (727) 441-9292 or by filling out our online form.