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Audio Video Installation Clearwater | Tampa

Audio Video Installation Clearwater | Tampa

At AV Specialists we do audio video installation in the Clearwater, Tampa at St. Petersburg, Florida area.  As the owner of an AV design and installation business, I am often surprised by the amount of really bad workmanship I see in my travels.  Sometimes it amazes me that contractors actually get paid when I see what their jobs look like.  

It's not uncommon to see cables hanging from the TV instead of being neatly zip tied together.  I also often see TV's that are not hung straight and you can obviously see that they are mounted on a tilt. 

Another thing I see a lot in restaurants and bars around the area would be speakers that are aimed either directly at the floor (someone didn't tighten the bracket enough) or straight across the ceiling so that the customer will never hear the music properly.  It should be obvious that the client is wasting his money by paying whatever price the speaker is priced at, only to have it aimed in the wrong direction.  Being aimed improperly effectively reduces the usefulness of that said speaker.  This results in needing more speakers to do the very same the system was initially designed for.

Another often overlooked design consideration that may not be the installers fault is the height the TV display is mounted at.  When you go to a bar there is only a certain height you can mount above before the person sitting at a bar is experiencing neck and back pain.  I guess the thought here is that they would rather the bar look cool than have people hang out and spend money??

Pictured on the right is a job another contractor did at one of our clients locations.  You can see the wires were never hidden behind the wall nor did they attempt to conceal them in a raceway.  In fact they made zero effort to even attempt to make this look good.  When you consider a contractor for your business these are the little things that you can't show on a price sheet.  The price shown on a proposal is not necessarily the same if one contractor is going to leave your business or home looking sloppy and unprofessional and the oher will make sure everything not only works good but looks good.  

At AV Specialists we are licensed and insured.  W ehave been doing installations in the area since 1995.  When we do a system it will look right.  You won't see sloppy wiring and we won't make your business look bad.  Please consider us the next time you need to upgrade or add some audio visual equipment to your establishment.