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Amplify the Potential of Your Church’s AV Installation

Your Florida House of Worship Will Sing with These Key Components

Amplify the Potential of Your Church’s AV Installation

Make sure the entire congregation can hear testimony, the organs, the choir, and the band by including a professionally designed church AV installation and design in your Palm Harbor, FL house of worship. Your AV system should at least include microphones, speakers, and amplifiers, and the technology should blend seamlessly into your space so as to not distract the congregation visually or audibly with unwanted feedback or distortion.

You’ll need an amplifier in your AV design in order to power your loudspeakers and distribute your AV sources to key places within your house of worship. Keep reading to learn more about the functionality made possible by power amplifiers from brands like Bosch and Dynacord.

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Everything Works Well Together

Highly intelligible distributed audio can be managed according to individual zones with a power amplifier, then paired with a set of quality loudspeakers. The Electro-Voice EVC ZX1 loudspeakers offer higher output for music and productions in small or mid-sized churches and pair beautifully with Bosch and Dynacord amplifiers. Bosch, Dynacord, and Electro-Voice all live under the same family umbrella of Bosch Communications Systems, so they’re designed to work together in professional integrated AV solutions.

For mid to large-sized places of worship, your production needs could be considered on par with a performance venue, so EVA line-array loudspeaker models are perfect for stage use and pair well with the compact C-series speakers placed in strategic locations in your AV setup. The Bosch and Electro-Voice products are all acoustically matched and designed to complement your architectural spaces.


Amplifiers take multiple source’s electrical signals and amplify them through a loudspeaker. So, if you use hanging microphones, lavalier microphones, or podium microphones, amplifiers are a perfect solution for your church AV installation.

The Bosch DSP power amplifiers are suitable for most church AV installations and work to bring reliable audio quality everywhere, from Sunday school rooms to the worship room. Even at low volumes, the Dynamic Bass Enhancement keeps the volume from sounding thin.

Dynacord amplifiers are also a great pairing for the ZX1 loudspeakers because the Expandable Vertical Array (EVA) fills the worship room perfectly. The L-Series FIR-Drive power amplifiers are easy to control up to 16-amp channels and can easily be monitored. Their proprietary FIR- Drive technology optimizes loudspeakers’ factory settings to yield high-quality performance wherever the speakers are located within your house of worship.

Energy Savings

Both Dynacord and Bosch PLENA matrix DSP amplifiers’ standby mode can turn on with the tap of a button or automatically when connected to a Bosch motion detector, which helps you save on energy costs. Once people leave the room, auto standby mode will engage after a predetermined length of time and shift to low power consumption. Once the room has activity within it again, the amplifier shifts to being fully active again in less than a second. There’s no need for congregation members or Sunday school teachers to fiddle with turning on the AV system once your installation is complete.

To amplify your message to the congregation, consider a high-performance amplifier for your place of worship. Call us today at (727) 441-9292 or fill out this contact form to get started. From small to large places of worship, AV Specialists can design and install your church’s AV system in Palm Harbor, FL and the surrounding areas.