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2019 Business Resolution: Invest In A New A/V System

Enhance Your Office With High-Performance Conference Room Audio/Video

2019 Business Resolution: Invest In A New A/V System

As you head into the new year, you’re looking for new ways to improve your company and help your business grow. Your conference room is an essential space in your Tampa, FL office, and upgrading the technology in that area makes your staff more productive while elevating your company’s profile in the eyes of clients who visit your office. In this blog, we look at key conference room audio/video enhancements that will elevate the technological capabilities of your Tampa business.

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Commercial Automation System

The most significant upgrade you can give to your conference room A/V is one that will completely change how you and your employees engage with all the smart technology in your office. Our brand partner, Control4, offers enterprise-grade automation solutions that bring all of your office’s A/V components together in a single central interface. This provides quick, simple control of flat-panel displays, projectors, and sound technology, allowing staff to stream content from smartphones, tablets, and laptops directly to these A/V outputs thanks to a comprehensive media distribution system.

Your Control4 automation system goes beyond A/V. It also integrates with lights, motorizing window treatments, climate control, and security technology like locks, sensors, and surveillance cameras, giving you one-touch access to all of these components from the same touchscreen remotes and smartphone apps are used for audio and video. If you need to get a presentation started, you can push a single button on your Control4 app to dim the lights, lower your shades, and turn on your HD projector and sound system all at the same time.

HD Video Conferencing Technology

As remote employees become more and more common, it’s important that your company has HD video conferencing technology to maintain a personal connection with staff members who aren’t in the office. A reinforced video conferencing system allows you to replicate the experience of being in the same room with sharp video that doesn’t skip, lag, or cut off when you’re in the middle of a meeting. This is also invaluable for client communications, and you’ll be able to communicate with clients all over the world with crystal clear video that makes your company professional and technologically savvy.

You’ll want to have optimized teleconferencing equipment, but you’ll also need to make sure that your office’s network connection can handle the strain of your A/V system and smart technology. An installation from AV Specialists includes an evaluation of your bandwidth, and we offer the network solutions you need to guarantee your office technology is always operating smoothly.

Want to learn about how you can use conference room audio video technology to increase the functionality of your Tampa, FL office? Reach out to one of our experts by calling (727) 441-9292, filling out our online form, or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen.