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Articles in Category: Surveillance Cameras Clearwater, FL

Is a Home Surveillance System Worth It?

Learn about the ROI of Surveillance Cameras

Is a Home Surveillance System Worth It?

A home surveillance system is something that few Clearwater, FL homeowners would object to having, but the main thing holding them back is usually cost. However, what you may not know is that it’s quite easy to recoup the cost of surveillance cameras. Unlike a traditional security system, surveillance cameras don’t have to come with recurring monthly costs, which means the benefits quickly outweigh the initial investment. So what are those benefits, and are they worth taking the leap and upgrading your home? Read on to find out.

How You Can Protect Your Business Using Video Surveillance Equipment

How You Can Protect Your Business Using Video Surveillance Equipment

We have installed many video surveillance cameras and digital video recorders (DVR's) around the Tampa, Clearwater area.  Video surveillance equipment cameras and DVR's are an excellent way to stay on top of your business.  One common use of internet ready DVR's is to check on your business while you are away from the office.  This can be done via the internet using a web browser, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  Many video equipment vendors these days have even written software applications so you can monitor DVR via your BlackBerry, iPhone, Andriod or other smartphone.