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Articles in Category: Home Lighting Control

Looking to add smart lighting control to your home? The AV Specialists team can help! Learn more here.

Spotlight: Home Lighting Control that Promotes Wellness

Support Your Circadian Rhythm with Colorbeam Lighting

Spotlight: Home Lighting Control that Promotes Wellness

Did you know that the quality of light we’re exposed to has a significant impact on our mood and health? With all the time we’re spending at home these days, it’s easy to get into a funk if your lighting is harsh. With the right home lighting control system, you can foster a healthy, happy lifestyle in Tampa, FL, while adding beauty and convenience to your space.

In this blog post, we’re going to share why Colorbeam offers the best human-centric lighting and how you can easily integrate it with your home automation system. Let’s get started!

The Basics of Tunable Lighting for Your Tampa Home

Learn the benefits of tunable lighting control for your home this summer.

The Basics of Tunable Lighting for Your Tampa Home

Tunable lighting is a newer innovation in the lighting industry and can improve the livability of your home by enhancing your comfort and wellness and boosting your productivity throughout your day. Our team at AV Specialists offers a variety of smart home solutions for properties in the Tampa area, and tunable lighting is a newer technology we’ve been quick to add to our service offerings.

Both brightness and color temperature can be adjusted with tunable lighting, syncing with your circadian rhythm. Brightness and color temperature shifts also bring the benefits of the Florida outdoors inside, without the extra summer heat!

Keep reading below to learn the basics of tunable lighting and how this home lighting control solution can help improve your life.