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Why Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 Was Worth the Wait!

Your Control4 smart home installer shares OS 3’s many benefits.

Why Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 Was Worth the Wait!

In case you haven’t heard, Control4 just released their hotly anticipated operating system a few weeks ago. Integration professionals and homeowners alike have raved about the new level of personalization, user-friendliness and control options of this new system, and you’re about to learn why.

Though there are more than 1,000 (Yes, you read that right!) new updates to talk about, we’ll give you a rundown of the coolest features that we hope to help you enjoy first hand in your Clearwater, FL, homes soon. As your smart home installer, we’re excited to share how this upgrade could help you and your family: Keep reading to see why you don’t want to miss the new Control4 operating system!

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Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 was engineered for the ultimate user friendliness, and what’s more user-friendly than the cell phone functionality you’ve grown accustomed to?

OS 3’s portrait-mode scrolling feature provides a comprehensive view of smart home elements, with the most relevant info front and center. You can sort through this information just as you would from your smartphone, with large, mobile-like icons and capabilities to swipe, delete and favorite them instantly. You can even add a customized background for each display screen to show off anything from your interior design tastes or a fun picture of your family.


End users love the prioritization capabilities of Control4’s OS 3. Whether they want to zoom in on every detail of their home or see the bigger picture of what’s happening, OS 3 can do both.

The grid-view formatting, which replaced Control4’s previous circular view, shows you rows and columns, displaying most-used features more prominently. Filters allow you to only look at one room and see every device that’s active in that room, or access every room in the house from the one room’s dashboard. This feature eliminates unnecessary swiping between room screens for more efficient control.

Let’s take your bedroom, for example. Without getting out of bed or even swiping through touchpad screens, you can now control and see the status of door locks, window shades, and smart lights around the house from your bedroom dashboard, so you don’t have to swipe from room to room when making sure everything is secure and powered down before bedtime.

If you have “favorite” features, like a TV you turn on and off frequently or a motorized shade that you lower whenever the weather heats up outside, you can make sure that your interface shows you this first. Press and hold a heart icon to the right of rooms or devices to “favorite” those items and see them first.

Fun Features

Music lovers will enjoy OS 3’s new Media Sessions feature, which gives you instant access to the nearly limitless songs you can stream and shows every song that plays throughout the house. An Active Media bar shows what’s playing in the room, and the Now Playing screen lets you easily slide the volume up in down, check sound quality or skip tracks. Whole-house music owners will marvel at the flexibility and control built into every corner of OS 3’s media control.

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If you don’t already have Control4 installed in your home, AV Specialists would be happy to get you started on robust smart home technology that simplifies and optimizes your lifestyle. Contact us to gain the benefits of this all-new smart automation system in your home, or to upgrade your existing Control4 system to OS 3. Reach out to one of our experts at (727) 441-9292 or by sending a message in the live chat window at the bottom of your screen