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Totem Speakers | Clearwater

Totem Speakers | Clearwater

In this article we’ll take a look at Totem Speakers. They have been around for over 25 years, making quality speakers that are not compromised by market pressure. The Totem Speakers name is synonymous with attention to detail, uncompromising design and engineering, and critical listening tests. Seriously consider this world class speaker manufacturer if you are looking for speakers to perfect your listening experience in your Clearwater home.

Totem Speakers have a wide variety of speakers to fit any specific application. Whether you are looking for impeccable stereo floor-standing speakers, on-wall speakers, complete surround packages, or in-wall speakers, Totem has the ideal product for you. Their Hi-Fi speakers have an ear-tickling realistic portrayal through their liveliness and spaciousness. They also create speakers with precision quality and varying finishes to complement your Clearwater home’s decor. A few of the various product lines are showcased in this article, but there is too much to describe in one article alone. You’ll need to experience the speakers firsthand at a Clearwater AV dealer.

When Totem Speakers first started in 1987, they began with the Model-1 compact speaker design, and followed shortly after with the Mani-2. These are the cornerstones, and the exacting sound production showcases their dedication to every detail. The Model-1 took over two years of unconventional research and continual trials to become what it is today. The Mani-2 is also still produced, and in conjunction with the Model-1, the two compact speaker options have become the world benchmark for monitors on the market today.

After developing their compact speakers to world class standards, Totem Speakers began adding their column speakers, which created an enormous impact on the vibrant sound quality that they had become known for. Gradually, center channel, surrounds, and in-wall speakers joined the fray. Today, their latest development is the Torrent technology. This technology improves upon the perfection already developed by Totem Speakers, and can be found in the new Tribe V on-wall speakers as well as the Element Series.

The Tribe Series from Totem Speakers has revolutionized speaker installation. The entire series has been designed for on-wall or in-wall use. This creates clarity and speed with amazing 

bass extension in the neodymium activated long throw woofers. The rich yet subtle harmonics provided by the soft dome long throw tweeters intertwines with the woofers to create a wall of sound. In recent years, Totem Speakers has expanded the Tribe Series from their on-wall offerings to include an extensive in-wall set-up. Coupling the in-wall Tribe Series with the Mask in-wall and in-ceiling speakers you can create a complete surround sound system with integrated architectural type units within your Clearwater residence.  

The Design Series from Totem Speakers is another showcase of artistic perfection. These are select products from various speaker lines with four vibrant color options to match your interior color scheme. If your desire is to show off your acoustic elegance rather than hide it, the Design Series will accomplish that goal. You will have the same quality workmanship and superb construction that Totem Speakers is world renowned for, but also a lavish splash of color that you can flaunt as it will complement your already impeccable Clearwater furnishings.

If you are looking for precision craftsmanship and realistic liveliness for your Clearwater audio system, Totem Speakers are your best bet. Don’t take my word for it though, head to an AV dealer in Clearwater to experience the perfection these speakers have to offer for yourself. When you come to the same conclusion I have, you’ll no doubt be impressing your audiophile friends in Clearwater in no time.

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