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The Latest Conference Room Audio Video Trend: Solstice

The Smarter Approach to Collaborative Meetings

The Latest Conference Room Audio Video Trend: Solstice

Conference room audio video technologies are evolving every day. This is good news for Tampa, Florida businesses – the latest technologies give opportunities to make everyday operations more efficient and effective. One business AV trend in particular that we’re watching closely is wireless display technology for conference rooms and huddle rooms. It’s amazing how easy it is to collaborate wirelessly now, and one of the best platforms for achieving that collaboration is Solstice by Mersive.

What is Solstice?

Solstice is Windows-based software that allows multiple people to collaborate by wirelessly displaying laptops and mobile devices on one or multiple displays. It’s the solution to the ever-growing “BYOD” problem – employees want to bring their own devices, and they don’t want to have to spend ten minutes each trying to hook up their laptop to the projector. Instead, Solstice makes it easy for everyone to stream relevant content on the screen.

Add Solstice to Your Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are the perfect spot for a quick team meeting, especially for just a few people. But these rooms don’t usually have the space for a full video conferencing, projector-and-screen style setup. Our recommendation is to have an interactive touchscreen display on one of the walls of the huddle room. Pair that display with a Solstice system, and you have everything you need for visual team collaboration. Your employees bring their laptops or mobile devices (as they’re likely to be doing anyway), and simply start streaming them on the wall display. Whoever is leading the meeting can then use the touchscreen or their tablet/laptop to hone in on the visuals that are important. Walk in, collaborate, walk out.

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Add Solstice across Your Business

One of the biggest challenges with audio video installations across an office setting is making the systems cohesive and connected throughout the entire business. Instead of having completely separate, segmented systems, you can connect your collaboration and conferencing software across multiple rooms with Solstice. This setup allows you to sync content across several locations, as long as they’re on the same network. Company-wide meetings, for example, will no longer require all of your employees to cram into one conference room. Instead, each department can meet separately while still seeing the same message in real time on the screen.

Solstice is just one of the latest conference room audio video technologies we can add to your business. For more tips on conference room automation and AV, check out our other blog posts or call us at (727) 441-9292.