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Summertime Is Almost Over. Are You Prepared for More Time Indoors?

Make Sure Your Network Is Ready for the Influx of Connected Devices.

Summertime Is Almost Over. Are You Prepared for More Time Indoors?

Summertime activities are winding down, and as the days become shorter, you just may find yourself spending more time indoors. While you’re indoors and not busy playing outside with your family, everyone may find themselves using their devices more. While your wireless home network may be able to handle the network load of just your immediate family, will it be able to handle the demand as relatives bombard your Belleair, FL home network during the holidays?

Increased device load requires increased network capability. Is your wireless network able to handle the influx? Keep reading this blog to learn how you can be sure your home can perform its best for your visiting family.

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Wireless networks are notorious for slowing down as people add on more of their devices. We live in a world where every member of the family is connected to Wi-Fi, from the kids on their tablets to the grandparents connecting their smartphones, while everyone gathers around the TV streaming premium content from HBO or Netflix in the media room.

All these devices take up valuable bandwidth on your network. Wireless networks with higher bandwidth can move data faster than a network with lower bandwidth. Think of it like a firehose vs. a water hose. A firehose is robust and strong and can handle a heavy flow of water, coming out at an expedited rate. A water hose is less robust and has a narrower channel to flow through. The higher the bandwidth, the more data can flow through the network. During the holidays, your network is taxed with streaming heavier amounts of data from a variety of devices; you need higher bandwidth to support this.


Our team at AV Specialists works with Pakedge, a robust network solution precisely designed for dense audiovisual and automation systems. Pakedge devices and software have been voted the brand leader of audiovisual networking. Known for supporting blazing fast speeds even in congested multi-application networks, Pakedge solutions are specifically designed to prioritize wireless traffic. Whether you’re streaming movies or checking email, all your online devices will work as they should. Wireless network traffic can be segmented into zones based on need and performance requirements thanks to Pakedge’s new high-performance chipsets.

Often, the grandkids ask for the Wi-Fi password before they even look up to say hello. Be sure your home’s wireless network can withstand the increased demand with reliable and responsive products installed by AV Specialists. Call us today at (727) 441-9292, use our online contact form, or chat with us using the button at the bottom of your screen.