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Sonance Speakers Make Your Home More Musical

Sound System Installation Helps You Live Your Life to the Rhythm of Music

Sonance Speakers Make Your Home More Musical

Add more music to your life with a home sound system by Sonance. Everywhere you go – the home theater, living room, bedroom, or outdoor areas – you’ll hear high-quality audio from premium speakers. Whether you want whole-home sound system installation or a state-of-the-art soundbar in your home theater, Sonance has the perfect audio solution that’s music to your ears.

Keep reading to discover why Sonance speakers are the right choice for your home in St. Petersburg, FL.

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The Superior Sound of Sonance Speakers

If you want a music experience in your home that rises above the ordinary, then Sonance is the solution. They design and manufacture premium speakers for whole-home audio systems, soundbars for home theaters, and even weatherproof speakers for outdoor entertainment areas. The company is known worldwide for audio equipment that delivers discreet and unrivaled performance. Here are two ways you can appreciate the stunning sound of Sonance speakers.

1. Whole-Home Audio with Invisible Speakers

Install them in your home, and they’ll be heard but not seen. Sonance specializes in hidden speaker technology for whole-home audio. Suppose you don’t want to see your speakers. No problem! Offering the ultimate expression in architectural audio, Sonance’s speakers can be installed anywhere in your home and then finished over with the surrounding surface. Their Invisible Series speakers deliver high-end audio that emanates throughout the space without making a visual footprint.

Aside from their legendary legacy line, Sonance recently released a brand-new Invisible Series that has all new Motion Flex technology that allows for greater clarity and more robust bass. New Constant Directivity Crossover (CDX) delivers 180 degrees of horizontal and vertical dispersion while an upgraded mounting and calibration system provides a consistent finish without sacrificing audio quality.

Also, a multi-room distributed audio system by Sonance lets you choose separate playlists to play in different areas of your home. If you’re throwing a party, you can play dance music through your outdoor speakers to create a lively atmosphere. For those who prefer a more peaceful environment, they can enjoy sipping martinis in your living room while listening to classical music.

The system is also easy to control. Choose the songs you want to stream, adjust the volume, and select the speaker zones – all with the touch of a button on your smart home tablet. It all amounts to phenomenal sound quality, incredible customization, and seamless control at your fingertips.

2. This Is No Ordinary Soundbar

The Sonance soundbar combines 35 years of proven speaker performance with a sleek single-piece grille that’s available in many custom sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”. Whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie in your home theater, you’ll appreciate the amazing audio performance of the Sonance soundbar. The soundbar comes with three 1” tweeters, three 4” midrange drivers, and six 4 ½” woofers. This isn’t your average soundbar. It delivers sound quality that blows you away.

Why not add subwoofers into the mix too? Subwoofers by Sonance create a powerful listening experience that you’ll literally feel – in your private cinema, listening room, or throughout your home. That extra low-end rumble gives your audio more punch!

Would you like to put more music in your life? Call AV Specialists at (727) 441-9292 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.