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Product Review: Choose Electro-Voice for Your Sound System Installation

Electro-Voice Makes Your Business Sound Better

Product Review: Choose Electro-Voice for Your Sound System Installation

When considering your next sound system installation upgrade, you need to go with a manufacturer you can trust. Whether you intend to set up a small PA system at a local taproom or you want to revitalize a concert hall in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, our recommendation goes to Electro-Voice. From microphones to loudspeakers and everything in between, Electro-Voice has the products that will work for your purposes. What makes them so great? We’d love to tell you.

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Audio Components Made in the U.S.A.

Electro-Voice has been producing audio products for 90 years. Since being established in 1927, they’ve been an innovating force in the AV industry. Among their first major projects was designing and building a custom PA system in 1930 – one of the first of its kind – for noted Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne to help him communicate with the entire team at once during practices.  

Since then they’ve developed and re-developed an entire line of audio components that help musicians, comedians, politicians and more get their message across. The best part? Electro-Voice designs and builds every piece of technology they sell – so everything they offer is made right here in the U.S.A.

Electro-Voice Components

EV brings nearly 100 years of experience to the design and construction of their entire line of audio components. Below, we’ve listed a few of the devices you’ll need to transform the way your business sounds.

Microphones: EV offers a wide array of microphones for every type of user. For smaller applications, like barroom trivia, they offer wireless microphone options. If you’re upgrading a soundstage or amphitheater, they have hardwired mics designed for live performance. They also provide wired installed mics perfect for baseball stadiums and more.

Live Sound Systems: EV specializes in audio components for live performance. That’s why they manufacture comprehensive live sound systems. Their systems consist of amps, line array speakers, sound processors, audio monitors and even easy-to-use software for simple control.

Portable Speakers: Many business owners aren’t interested in installing total sound systems. For them, EV offers a wide line of portable speakers that sound great in any space. Whether you frequently have guest musicians or trivia nights in your taproom, or you only sometimes need to amplify voices in your business, EV’s portable speakers are a smart solution.

Can your business benefit from a sound system installation upgrade? Whether you’re interested in Electro-Voice, another brand, or just want whatever’s going to sound best, we can help. Contact AV Specialists today for more information!