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Marantz Reference | Sometimes it's just about the music

Marantz Reference | Sometimes it's just about the music

The best speakers money can buy will never live up to their potential if they are not hooked up to quality components. That is why I am excited about the Marantz product line. Their single philosophy of "Because Music Matters" should tell you all you need to know about the brand. Your Tampa Bay area home audio system will not be complete without Marantz Reference Series components.

Founded by Saul Marantz in 1953, his namesake company has been providing cutting edge audio technology for 60 years. The Marantz Reference line pays homage to the company's innovation and attention to detail through the years, while still providing the utmost in quality sound production.

At the beginning, Marantz was not much more than a small studio churning out the latest and greatest in audio technology. Producing the highest quality electronics for audio applications became the standard for the Marantz brand. Almost 25 years ago, they moved into video applications with their laserdisc player, and continued the video front with THX certified amplifiers and receivers.

Today, the Marantz Reference Series represents the highest prestige of a brand still at the forefront of sound production. These products exhibit superior craftsmanship and replicate sound output as if you were in the recording room. The dynamics, pitch, scale, and timbre are all perfectly matched to provide you with what may seem like the soul of the audio itself.

The Reference Series could be your complete solution for your audio sources. With a network audio player and DAC, a phonograph, two amplifiers, and two SACD players to choose from, your home here in the Clearwater Florida area will have amazing sound with Marantz;s Reference components.

The NA-11S1 network audio player and DAC is the newest component in the Reference Series. The NA-11S1functions as a digital to analog converter, with dual digital inputs for all of your devices. It boasts playback capability from all sorts of network sources, including streaming internet radio or on-demand music sites such as Pandora or Spotify, and your network attached storage, iPod, or computer. With dual digital outputs (optical and coaxial) as well as dual analog outputs (RCA and XLR), you have many options to perfect your listening experience with the NA-11S1.  Especially, the XLR balanced inputs, they reveal a stunning audio quality.  

The TT-15S1 turntable proves that analog playback is nowhere near dead. The asynchronous AC motor connected to the endless silicon drive belt will have you spinning vinyl effortlessly. The magnetic type anti-skating mechanism along with the fine adjustable counterweight will allow you to hear the music as perfectly as the original recording. If your Tampa Bay home has a vinyl collection worth drooling over, you will definitely want this Marantz Reference Series turntable to experience them with.

The PM-11S3 and PM15S2B Limited amplifiers will acoustically light up your listening space. Both boast the Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module (HDAM) technologies exclusive to Marantz. They also have connectivity for Phono, CD, and two Line-In ports, as well as their well-researched Constant Current Feedback gain stage which will provide the most accurate reproduction of vinyl recordings to date.

Finally, the SA-11S3 and SA-15S2B LimitedSACD/CD players will give you an amazing listening experience for any digital CD recordings. Both have the latest SACDM2 optical disc drive mechanism, for accurate reproduction of digital audio. The Limited takes the already stellar sound of the SA-11S3 and adds greater speed and harmonic balance through the use of higher grade components.

Hearing is believing, and the Marantz Reference Series will give you new found faith in audio. Head down to your source for high quality audio and video systems in Clearwater today to try out the very best audio components available!