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Looking for a Low Voltage Contractor for New Construction Projects?

Learn Why AV Specialists is a Great Partner for Your Construction Firm

Looking for a Low Voltage Contractor for New Construction Projects?

The process of building new homes and business sites is changing. As smart technology becomes a part of everyday life, it’s no longer an “after installation” project. Instead, clients want buildings to come ready to support the latest technology.

For construction firms throughout Tampa, Florida, this is an opportunity. By partnering with a low voltage contractor, you can deliver homes and businesses that wow right from the start with fully integrated smart technology. 

Completing the wiring and installation of smart technology during construction saves both time and money for the end client, which can be a clear competitive edge when vying for a project. The opportunity is there, but what’s the best approach? Here’s our take:

We Know the Technology
You don’t have to become an expert in low voltage wiring or home theater design. We can handle that part. Instead, let us help you define the solutions, services, products, and price points for smart home construction, either for one-off projects or as a standardized offering. 

We work with you to scope out project timelines, wiring infrastructure, power management, and more so that the technology is a seamless part of the construction, not an afterthought. By starting the design-build process with a clear plan, we can avoid rework and retrofit, saving time and money. 

When it comes to actual installation, we’ll handle that too. As a licensed low voltage contractor in Florida, we have the skill and experience to run appropriate wiring throughout the building, add in hidden speakers, install wall mounted user interfaces, and more.

We Can Manage Communication
When adding smart technology to a home or business, communication matters. With the end client, it’s important to communicate the best products and feature sets, timelines, anticipated results, etc. The next part of the equation is to ensure all parties involved – architects, electricians, designers, and more – are all on the same page about the end goal for the home. That’s where we come in. We keep everyone up to date about any changes, managing all aspects of the smart technology project.

We Have the Experience
We’ve been doing smart home projects in the greater Clearwater area since 1995 – the odds are likely that whatever type of technology your client wants to have in their home or business, we’ve done it already. 

Our goal is to make smart home construction as easy as possible. If you’d like to learn more about our services as a low voltage contractor, call us today at (727) 441-9292 or fill out this quick form!