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In Home Lighting and More with Lutron Radio RA 2

In Home Lighting and More with Lutron Radio RA 2

Originally billed as a simple – if somewhat elegant – wireless lighting control system, the Lutron RadioRA 2 is actually a far more versatile total home control system that will amaze you with its range of capabilities. In addition to controlling the amount of in home lighting through the use of dimmers and other switches, the RadioRA 2 also affords remote control of the window shades and the thermostat settings as well as control of other appliances.

Start with a single room or the master wing of your home and expand the system as you see fit. The Lutron RadioRA 2 is flexible, scalable and its use of Clear Connect ™ RF technology makes it ultra-reliable as well. In addition, its open integration architecture allows the user to manipulate the system using everything from universal remotes and home automation systems to most mobile devices. In short, any device that can send and receive RS232 or IP commands is able to control the system.  It's easy to put it under the control of CrestronURC and RTI remote control systems.  

On a practical level, the Lutron RadioRA 2 will eventually pay for itself with lowered utility bills. The ability to remotely control the ambient conditions in your home allows for the greatest in comfort when you arrive at your home while also  achieving significant savings.

While the system itself uses the latest in state of the art technology to achieve its purposes, the controls of the RadioRA2 are intuitive and quite easy to use.

Whether you are builidng a new home or remodeling an older one, the Lutron RadioRA 2 is a valuable and affordable add on. For more specific info on the Lutron RadioRA 2, please visit us at AV Specialists.