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How "not" to install a Flat Panel TV | AV Installation


When I'm out and about I often run into poor AV installations.  There are many reasons that I would consider the installations poor.  Sometimes it's merely an ugly or sloppy installation.  More often than not, it's a sloppy installation and also a poorly chosen product. 

This job looks to me, like it was not coordinated by a professional AV company and the electrician.  This happens too often and is why it's good to hire an electrician and AV company that have worked together before.  We enjoy working often work with Huettig Electric in Dunedin, Florida.  Having that relationship makes a difference.       

An obvious flaw with this installation is that the flat panel is not even powered on.  This defeats the entire point of the purchase and installation.  Which brings me to my next point, the flat panel in this picture is a residential product.  It was probably purchased by the end user because of a low price.  This panel, specifically because it is a residential panel, is not made to be on all day and is not the correct product for the job.  A proper commercial flat panel display is made to be on 24/7 and most are warrantied for 3 years.  

Most commercial flat panels can also be programmed to turn on or off are specific times. So I would ask, was the money saved by using a cheap TV worth it?  If one thought it was worth spending the money to educate, entertain or market your customers shouldn't you be doing so.  You aren't if the device isn't turned on.  It's naive to expect that your employees would remember to do so every day because people get busy or interrupted.

The small price difference to upgrade to a proper panel will seem insignificant in a few months from now.  However, the client in the article will now have to do the job twice if they want to correct these issues.

Again here's the main points of this article:

  • Make the AV Installation look clean.  Hide the wires and the power for the electric behind the panel.
  • Use a professional AV Installation company to guide you to the proper products.
  • Use commercial panels that are made to be on all day and power on and off themselves. 
  • Use mounts and electrical boxes that keep the installation neat.