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Here’s What You Need for Better Video Conferencing at Home

Your Office Setup and Network Can Make or Break Your Work-from-Home Experience

Here’s What You Need for Better Video Conferencing at Home

Much of America’s workforce is experiencing a great shift toward remote work. With this shift comes many positives: better work-life balance, no more long commutes, and reduced work-related expenses for both employees and employers, just to name a few.

But to work productively from your Tampa, FL home, you’ll need more than a laptop and a couch. Along with an ergonomic home office setup and ample lighting, you’ll need a bulletproof wireless home network to keep you connected when performing data-heavy tasks, like video conferencing and wi-fi work calls.

If you’re shifting to at-home work, make sure you have the following solutions to be successful!

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Supportive Desk and Seating

You can own the most comfortable couch and chairs at home, but that doesn’t mean they’ll facilitate productivity. There’s a difference between having comfortable furniture and ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture is comfortable and encourages efficiency and focus. When selecting your home office chair, consider seat height, lumbar support, backrest design, and seat material. When selecting your desk, consider leg clearance, surface space, and if you want an adjustable or fixed solution.

Ample Lighting

Poor lighting won’t only cause eye strain and fatigue, but it will make video meetings frustrating for both you and your participants. The best lighting for your home office is natural lighting. Set up your home office in a room with many windows for ample sunlight and be sure that the light isn’t shining from behind you. Otherwise, your face will be a dark silhouette and impossible to make out. If you can’t get ample daylight, consider tunable LED fixtures for simulated natural light instead.

Reliable Home Network

You can have the best-rated video meeting software and hardware, but it won’t matter if your home network is overworked. A consumer-grade network won’t cut it if you’re transitioning to remote work that includes video conferencing, WiFi work calls, and other crucial internet-connected activity. For more bandwidth and better reliability, we recommend a professional-strength network solution featuring enterprise-grade components that offer expansive coverage and unwavering performance.

Because we understand the importance of seamless, reliable connectivity, we partner with Ruckus to deliver bulletproof wireless internet experiences for those who depend greatly on a secure connection for work and leisure. Gain peace of mind with a home network that sports high bandwidth, ensures proper prioritization of data-heavy traffic and is remotely monitored 24/7 by our technology professionals. We’ll ensure your home network and its connected devices are always humming the way they’re supposed to. 

AV Specialists can help make your home office experience better with the latest in-home technology and a robust home network. To learn more about our solutions or to start your project, contact us here or send us a live chat below. We’re eager to hear from you!