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Don’t Call the TV Guy. Call the AV Guy for Installation!

One-Stop Shopping for All of Your Florida Home’s AV Needs

Don’t Call the TV Guy. Call the AV Guy for Installation!

It happens often. Someone bought a TV at the nearby big-box retailer, but they need a professional to mount it in their Clearwater, FL home. So, they call us. Unfortunately for the customer, they didn’t necessarily save any money, and the TV isn’t an excellent match for their home theater or media room setup.

If the customer had called AV Specialists first to buy their TV, we could have provided a TV that matches perfectly to their entertainment needs. Plus, we’re experts at installing TVs as well as accompanying components like surround sound, receivers, wiring, and more.

Keep reading to learn why it’s best to call the AV guy, not the TV guy, for superior TV installations in your Florida home.

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Perfect Screen for the Perfect Room

Large media rooms with multiple seating options need a TV with a wide viewing angle. A viewing angle is the angle at which a TV’s picture quality begins to degrade when watched from the side. This degradation can affect the colors you see on the screen and impair your viewing experience. The big-box retailer probably never mentioned this critical aspect of TV viewing while you were shopping for a TV.

If you have a wide room with multiple viewing positions, we won’t sell you a TV with a limited viewing angle. We take your needs into careful consideration before recommending products or completing any TV installation. We can also incorporate your new TV with your surround sound system and give you an exhilarating home entertainment experience.


Sony is a pro in the movie industry, working with filmmakers on sets to produce Theater Mode after collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment. This collaboration helped move along 4K and HDR format standardization to the industry and brings the creator’s intent into your Clearwater-area home.

Sony’s 4K OLED TVs have some of the widest viewing angles compared to competitors, have excellent motion handling, and deliver vivid colors. The Sony MASTER Series Z9G has won multiple Best In Show Awards, features Dolby Vision and Netflix Calibration mode, and upscales native content to 8K for a truly brilliant TV experience.

While it’s common in our industry for customers to call the AV guy after buying from the TV guy, it’s not the best method of getting an excellent media room or home theater experience in your home. Start with the AV guy in the beginning, and AV Specialists guarantees you’ll love the final product. Call us today at (727) 441-9292 or use our online contact form to reach us. We can’t wait to hear from you!