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Conference Room Design | Tampa, Florida

Conference Room Design | Tampa, Florida

Have you ever found yourself seated at one end of a conference table completely unable to hear what's going on at the other end? If you've ever worked in an office, at some time you've probably attended a meeting or conference with poor acoustics, bad temperature controls, a too-small screen, or some other issue that made it difficult to concentrate on the meeting itself. Maybe you've even found yourself fantasizing about how you would fix the room to make it perfect.

Well, the people whose job it is to worry about such things know that conference room AV design is a thorny issue. There are many factors that have to be taken into account to make one room as functional as possible for many different purposes. And while the furniture and decor are important (no one wants to attend an all-day meeting in an uncomfortable chair), far beyond the aesthetics is the technology: From web meetings to video, today's conferencing needs go far beyond the simple speakerphone.

Once you're ready to embark on that new conference room design, here are a few areas to focus on:

  • Capacity: Think about the kinds of meetings you'll be having so you can determine appropriate layouts for the number of people you'll be hosting most often.  Will there be flexible room arrangements or will it be a permanent fixture?

  • Videoconferencing: If you expect to do much videoconferencing, lighting will be a tremendous concern, and blackout shades will reduce or eliminate glare. You'll also want the largest screen you can afford that is appropriate for the room size; this ensures that people at the back or off to the sides aren't squinting at a tiny screen.

  • Equipment: The screen, the projector, microphones, speakerphones, laptops or a room computer, all of these need to be factored in to your design. Again, go with the top quality you can afford; having things break down mid-meeting is distracting and also embarrassing.

  • Efficiency: And don't forget the small things. Be sure you have plenty of outlets and docks so people can charge their electronics without leaving the room.

Also make sure that you partner with an AV specialist that has everything you need to build a conference room that meets everyone's needs. They should carry professional display panels in a variety of sizes and brands, and they should understand the latest conference technology so your new conference room AV design withstands the test of time. For example, Polycom's RealPresence systems provide the next best thing to being in person, and in some ways exceed the in-person experience. RealPresence Immersive gives affordable, full-room meeting coverage for large groups, and promises the fastest ROI of any of its products. For a more moderate budget, RealPresence Desktop gives you sophisticated solutions for web meetings and Skype calls, so your staff can participate without leaving their desks. Combined with advanced sound equipment, fully integrated intercom systems, microphones, assistive listening devices, and all-in-one touch-panel systems, your conference room AV design can provide an cutting-edge meeting experience for both your employees and your customers.