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2 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Conference Room Audio/Video Setup

Advantages of Having Your Own Modern In-House AV System

2 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Conference Room Audio/Video Setup

If your hotel or business’ conference center in Tampa, FL is still renting audio visual equipment from a third-party, you might want to consider installing your own conference room audio/video setup.

These AV rental companies typically offer packaged solutions for each event your venue is hosting. And immediately there are always several concerns that arise: Is the quality of equipment going to be adequate? How long will it take to set up? Am I getting enough AV equipment for this specific event? Am I getting too much?

In order to get rid of all the coordinating and planning that occurs when you outsource your technical needs, AV Specialists can install a versatile conference room audio video system into your conference center or auditorium that can be adjusted to suit the specifics of each event. Read on to learn why an in-house audio-video system is better than renting.

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1. It’s Easy to Use and Offers Your Clients a Personal Touch

AV technology used to be complicated and difficult to set up, but with recent advances in smart technology, such equipment is now automated and controlled from a single device, making it easier than ever to operate.

The smart AV systems that we install are so similar to what people are currently using at home that instead of having to rely on support from AV techs, your staff will easily be able to operate the system on their own by pressing just a few buttons. This has the added benefit of providing a personal touch to your clients’ experience.

In addition, instead of setting up and adjusting portable audio and video equipment that later must be stored again, pre-installed AV technology saves you that time. Its integrated technology allows you to adjust the settings on the devices from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.

Another drawback when your AV isn’t permanently installed is that clients are forced to navigate around cables, speakers, tripods, and lighting stands. An in-house AV system will blend seamlessly into your conference room space with a deliberate design.

2. Creates an Additional Revenue Stream

Instead of having to pay a third-party rental company, you can charge your clients a fee for the use of your in-house AV systems.

Now that you have control over the billing of your technical services, you’ll be able to adjust rates accordingly, and it’s especially useful if you would like to give a discount or waive a fee for a VIP customer.

Since you have eliminated the setup time required by using an AV rental company, you’ll be able to prepare rooms and venues faster, enabling you to book more events and increase revenue. You’ll also be able to please clients who are having more than one event in a room when they have to quickly adjust their AV settings.

When you have a fully automated and permanent AV installation, you never have to worry if you have enough tech to cover an event that just doubled in size or whether the AV vendor you hired is going to charge you for extra equipment and manpower.

Let Us Design the Conference Room Audio Video System That’s Right for Your Venue

At AV Specialists, our technicians can install the most advanced audio and visual system possible into your venue. You can learn more by contacting us today.