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Articles in Category: Sound System Installation St. Petersburg, FL

Get the best audio quality in your St. Petersburg FL home with a professional sound system calibration and installation. Read about our custom services here.

Bluesound vs. Sonos: Which One is Winning the Wi-Fi Speaker Race?

Upgrade Your Sound System Installation with Bluesound

Bluesound vs. Sonos: Which One is Winning the Wi-Fi Speaker Race?

If you’re in the market for a new sound system installation in St. Petersburg, you may have shopped around a bit in the big-box stores to see what’s out there. Sonos speakers are available in big box retailers and have been around the wireless sound system space for almost two decades. While Sonos does offer a good sonic experience, many people aren’t aware of how great a wireless speaker experience can be if they’re willing to invest in a proper sound system installation.

At AV Specialists, we’ve had several customers ask us about Sonos speakers, and we’ve decided to level with you in this blog. Keep reading to learn more about how Bluesound wins the race against Sonos with extra features, higher fidelity sound, and more.